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Český  překlad  Czech CZECH TEXT

Dear All

I travelled to Prague on the 14th of March to have a meeting with Lucie Meric, who I thought was a good friend of mine and the greyhounds.

Lucie told me during my visit in December that she would work only with Tereza and Mr Lachina to organise another transport.

At that time Lucie was disagreeing with Jana and I went to Prague to find out what was happening.

I think I may have misjudged Jana at that meeting due to things Lucie had told me about her.

As there was no sign of any plans to arrange another transport I decided to travel to prague with two dogs Hannah and Honcho..

When I arrived at the airport it was very obvious that there was a disagreement going on as there were two seperate groups at the airport.

I travelled with Lucie to a restaurant to meet Tereza and Mr Lachina and on the journey,  Lucie agreed not to fight with them and that they would come to some solution to have one meeting in May.

But alas she did not stick to her promise of not fighting and it was like world war 3.

Lucie was adamant that she would not work with them and she also said that she would no longer have a transport to Prague as she did not have the time as her work , dog shows and breeding puppies took up too much of her time.

Lucie gave me 310 euro and asked me for a receipt which I gave to her.

I arranged to meet Lucie at 10 am the next morning before I left my hotel but she did not turn up or make a phone call. to cancel.

I found out at Christmas, through Jana, that one of our dogs went missing soon after arrival in Prague, another had died and  I do know of some people who Lucie has given OUR dogs to without a home check.

This is NOT the way to run a re-homing organisation. All people who apply for adoption, should fill out a re-homing questionnaire Then the organisation, or one of their volunteers should visit the family to see if the home is suitable

For Example;  Is there a secure garden for the dog, are their very small children at home, is the home large enough for a sight- hound, is there somebody at home in the day so the dog will not be left alone for a long time. (see GACI website, can be translated via Google translate)

Only then should the family be allowed to adopt a dog.

I also heard from Jana that Lucie did a collection for the veterinary costs on a little lurcher named, Manuka, which we rescued in 2007. PAWS did not receive this money.

Lucie has refused to give us the contact details for the families who have adopted approx 170 dogs from Ireland in the last 3 years, why is she afraid to do this if she is retiring from rescue ? Is there something to hide ??

You will see by the dogs passports that they all legally belong to PAWS Organisation.

I am sad that this has happened as I always considered Lucie a friend, It makes my heart heavy.

Kind regards to all



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